Perfection of form
creation of natural water structure

The highest level of control
and protection to the best quality.
Company certificate with every lot.

  • «Aqualat®» anthracite filter media market appearance in Russia…
  • Due to its supreme quality Aqualat® Anthracite filter media has gained the worldwide reputation in Russia and CIS
  • Realization of new approaches to use carbon resources of region…


Production of different filter media for water treatment is a main activity of LLC ANTR-ACTIV.
Hydroanthracite AQUALAT® is packed into plastic bags (volume – 25 liters, on pallets – 1m3)

You can buy «AQUALAT®» anthracite filter media by contacting with our specialists.

Water World

South West Water upgrades Newquay WWTP with BWB’s hybrid sludge process

Posted 19  Apr  2018

South West Water has awarded Bluewater Bio a contract to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant at Newquay with its hybrid activated sludge process...

Desalination quartet to help Chennai bridge water supply and demand

Posted 19  Apr  2018

JICA will loan the Government of India $283 million for the construction of Chennai’s fourth seawater desalination plant...