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Treated water improvement filter media on qualitative water indicators

Qualitative water indexPermitted values of indicators for different water usersEffect
Temperature Optimum value for drinking purposes from 7 to 11 °, the maximum permissible 35 °; the limiting temperature of the water used for cooling heat exchangers is driven by economies of work and process requirements No effect
Sustained particles Prevent use: household purposes (acceptable content less than 1.5 mg / L), for steam boiler feeding and for certain types of production, where the water contacts with products(fabrics, films, etc.) may be 2 mg / liter. Holds the sustained particles up to 93-95%
Chromaticity Colors water, indicates organic (humic) substances contamination. Prevents usage of water for some industries (e.g., in the first-class paper manufacture). Permitted value of color in drinking water less than 20 ° per year Reduces to 40% with coagulants addition
Oxidation The oxidation value over 5.8 mg / l O2 points to the possible source of contamination by waste waters. Causes water foaming in boilers. Indicates the development of organic fouling in water-cooled heat exchangers possibility Reduces to 25%, with coagulant addition of 35%
Hardness The hardness water value for household and drinking water pipes must be no more than 7 mEq / l and in special cases up to 14 mEq / liter. Prevents the use of water for steam boilers and some types of production (dyeing, manufacture of artificial fibers, etc.) Used as bedding for ion-exchange resins, fraction, mm, 2.0-5.0, 3.0-6.0
Active reaction (pH) No effect
Oil products Reduces to 97%
Phenol Reduces to 80%
SSAS Reduces to 98%
The total number of bacteria No effect on the growth of bacteria if primary water treatment is made It has no effect on the growth of bacteria in the presence of a primary water treatment